All about Freddie.

Racing has been a way of life for Freddie since he was 2 days old. Whether watching his father 'Barry Lee' race, fixing cars or racing a variety of boards, bikes and karts it was evident by the age of three that going slow was never going to be an option.

Honda Cadet Kart Racing

At the young age of 8, Freddie began his competitive career in karting he quickly moved through the ranks of the Honda, Comer cadet and TKM Junior British Championship in 4 seasons.
He won many rounds and learnt the harsh realities of racing and in his own words: “All experience is good experience, I even learnt from losing”. When asked what he had learnt from losing he simply said “That I don’t like it”.

Mini-Stox Racing

Having mastered Karts it was time to get some ‘Car Control’. He moved into Ministox, as short circuits with their close contact grids leave you nowhere to hide. It’s a ‘do or die’ grid, racing against far older and more experienced drivers who cut no slack for a 12 year old, particularly one who’s father was quite good at it. Freddie has a noble streak and to be subjected to taunts and prejudice revealed a determination that surprised even Barry and saw him tear through fields skilfully picking off the pack one by one with ruthless focus.
They penalised him, they swapped his grid positions and scrutinised his engine, but finally they just had to except that Freddie is a ‘true talent’. 2011 saw him win both the National points championship and the Essex championship, but Freddie couldn’t just take the win, he had to do it in style and broke a lap record at the same time.

Dunlop Junior Fiesta Racing

In 2012 Freddie moved to ‘Circuit racing’ and competed in the newly created ‘Dunlop Junior Fiesta Championship’. Running for the first time with a race team he joined ‘Advent Motorsport’. Andrew Crighton, team manager and MD, was passionate and dedicated to the task of bringing on young drivers and has an impressive back stable of names to prove his credentials.
The combination of Andrew's ‘chief ARDS instructor’ teaching skills, together with his management style and the extensive technical expertise of his staff, produced an instant win as Freddie sealed his place in the history of the championship by winning its First ever race at Silverstone.

Ginetta Junior Racing

Mid season Freddie was approached by Ginetta and invited to a meeting. The result of which saw Freddie make the move to the Junior Ginetta championship and compete in the final half of the season on the BTCC package in a car sponsored by Total Oil.

Pickup Truck Pro2 Racing

Following a small health scare with Barry in early 2013 Freddie decided to make the move into senior racing and Joined the ‘Pickup Truck Championship’ in the Pro2 class. The MSA would not allow him to race until his 16th Birthday in October after which he competed in two rounds: winning one and gaining a 5th overall position.

The following year (2014) Freddie successfully competed in and won the Pro2 Championship adding another record to his name as the youngest driver to have ever competed in this championship and the youngest to have won it.

Pickup Truck Pro1 Racing

2015. Freddie moved up to the Pro1 Pick-up Truck championship. Through the season he out-qualified many established Pro1 drivers, took 9 podium places and added yet another record to his list by becoming the youngest ever Rockingham Superpole champion, which offically made him the fastest man on the Rockinham Oval that year.

Last year (2016) Freddie was determined to take the Pro1 Pickup Truck Championship. This is no mean feat as the championship is widely recognised in the racing world as one of the most serious, dangerous and demanding series you could compete in, but Freddie put all the skills he had learnt to good use and with his steely focus and the support and expertise of the team, won the title in only his 2nd full season.