JCW Mini

The ‘Mini Challenge’ has been ‘the’ Championship for the new MINI in the UK since 2002 and has always enjoyed great grids, colourful cars and close racing.

Over the years the series has built a reputation for affordability, fairness and fun, by building on the iconic Mini Brand and benefiting from being the only championship to enjoy the support of MINI UK.

Of the 4 classes within the Mini Challenge the JCW (John Cooper Works) provides the ultimate in Mini racing, and 2017 sees the JCW class separating from the other 3 and joining the prestigious British GT package as a championship in its own right.

As a true single make/model championship, scrutineering controls mean that fairness is maintained so that drivers and teams can be sure that only skill and legitimate knowledge will have a bearing on race results.

The JCW Gen.3 F56 Mini is designed as a true racing thoroughbred with slick tyres, 3 way adjustable dampers, sequential gearbox and motorsport ECU.
The technical specification is;